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"Iris et les hommes" is a French romantic comedy film directed by Caroline Vignal. The story revolves around Iris, a successful and independent woman in her forties who finds herself at a crossroads in her love life. 

Iris has always been confident and content being single, but her friends and family constantly pressure her to find a partner. Feeling overwhelmed by their expectations, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and decides to take a break from dating.

During her break, Iris meets a group of eccentric and vibrant men who make her question her views on love and relationships. Each encounter teaches her valuable life lessons and helps her redefine her priorities. Along the way, she also forms meaningful friendships with other women who share similar experiences.

As Iris navigates through the ups and downs of love and the modern dating world, she begins to understand that true happiness comes from within, and that she doesn't need a man to complete her. Through her experiences, she learns to embrace her independence and love herself fully.

"Iris et les hommes" is a heartwarming and relatable film that explores themes of self-discovery, societal pressures, and the complexities of modern relationships. It encourages viewers to prioritize personal growth and happiness while challenging traditional expectations of finding love.

  • Titre original: Iris et les hommes
  • Année de production: 2024
  • De: Caroline Vignal
  • Durée: 1h 38min
  • Langues: Français
    Qualités: Full HD - 4K
Iris et les hommes 2024

Iris et les hommes 2024 streaming

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