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"Dream Scenario" is a suspense thriller film directed by Kristoffer Borgli. 

The story follows Sara, a talented screenwriter struggling to find success in the film industry. Frustrated with constant rejection, she becomes obsessed with a recurring dream she has, which seems to be a perfect scenario for a blockbuster movie. Sara sets out on a mission to find the source of her dream and make it a reality.

As she delves deeper into her investigation, Sara discovers a hidden society that operates behind the scenes of the film industry. This secret group controls people's dreams and uses them as inspiration for their own projects. The more Sara uncovers about this world, the more dangerous her journey becomes.

With each step she takes, Sara finds herself becoming entangled in a web of manipulation, deceit, and violence. The line between reality and dreams blurs, and she must navigate this treacherous terrain to uncover the truth.

As Sara gets closer to the leaders of this group, she realizes that her dream scenario is not just a figment of her imagination but a glimpse into a sinister plot to control the minds of the masses. Now, she must fight not only for her career but also for the freedom of her own mind.

"Dream Scenario" explores themes of ambition, artistic integrity, and the power of dreams. It questions the boundaries of reality and raises ethical questions about the manipulation of human imagination. As Sara fights for her life and her dreams, the film keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, wondering if she will be able to escape the clutches of this insidious organization or become just another forgotten victim.

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Dream Scenario 2023

Dream Scenario 2023 streaming

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