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Boléro is a one-movement orchestral composition by the French composer Maurice Ravel. It was originally composed as a ballet score but is now more commonly performed as a concert piece. Boléro is known for its repetitive melody and driving rhythms, gradually building in intensity and instrumentation as the piece progresses.

The piece begins with a simple snare drum rhythm, followed by a single melody played on the flute. This melody is then repeated and passed on to different instruments throughout the orchestra, including the clarinet, bassoon, and horn. As the piece develops, more instruments join in, adding layers of texture and volume.

Boléro does not have a traditional development section or a climax; instead, it maintains a consistent rhythm and steadily increases in volume and complexity. The repetitive nature of the composition has made it both popular and controversial, with some critics pointing out its lack of harmonic or melodic development.

Despite the criticisms, Boléro has become one of Ravel's most famous and frequently performed works. Its hypnotic and relentless rhythm, combined with its gradual crescendo, creates a unique and mesmerizing listening experience.

  • Titre original: Boléro
  • Année de production: 2024
  • De: Anne Fontaine
  • Durée: undefined
  • Langues: Français
    Qualités: Full HD - 4K
Boléro 2024

Boléro 2024 streaming

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